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Smartkiddies  Mathematics was originally developed in 2001 when a group of Australian school teachers decided to develop software to help their classes with mathematics.

What began in 2001 with 21 lessons has now been adapted to be used in over 20 countries around the world. The program now has over 2000 video lessons, interactive games, worksheets and assessments covering all aspects of the syllabus.

Smartkiddies is passionate about education and helping kids achieve their best.

Smartkiddies offers a sequential learning program with videos, number challenge games, worksheets, assessments for reporting and exams. All part of a complete learning program.

Most importantly children like using Smartkiddies. They receive instant feedback, rewards and certificates for achievement, while parents and teachers receive information on progress.

Each student is given their own login at the beginning of the year which they not only can access at school as a part of their in class maths activities, there are also homework activities that the student can access from home.