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Kindergarten orientation

Starting school is a very important time for every child and for parents. To help provide a smooth transition from home or pre-school to school we run an orientation program over two days, designed to help children feel comfortable and confident in their new environment. 


Children are introduced to the current Kinder children and meet their buddies from Year 5 who will be there to meet them next year when they start school. Children join in with the current Kinder children in fun activities and learn about the basic running of the school, from where to put their school bags to what happens when the bell rings and other important routines they will need to know. Children are taken to the new Library, the room where they will do their Perceptual Motor skills program, the Computer Room, and the Office to meet our caring Office Manager who will happily supply bandaids, icepacks or whatever is needed to help children feel safe and cared for.


We regard this program as being very important in establishing an important link for new children with their peers, their teacher and their home. Parents are also offered support in knowing who to speak to about any concerns, introduced to the school Principal, your child's Teacher, P&C President, Canteen Coordinator, other parents and provided with information regarding school uniforms, importance of school attendance, and requirements for your child's time at school.